Any Day Now

In 2015, Gerald Scott released a song entitled Any Day Now. This song was literally my lifeline. It helped me hold on and believe that things wouldn’t always be the way theyRead More…


No Time for proof

Hey y’all, Shari here! This is the final installment for my Nothin’ to Prove series leading up to a new year with no proof, just purpose! I am particularly done with proof cuzRead More…


Proof or Purpose

Photo Credit David Turner Hey y’all, Shari here! I don’t know about you, but when people doubt or misjudge me, I want to prove them wrong. I want to show them that whatRead More…


Nothin to Prove!

Hey Y’all, Shari here! I am still in the book of Mark, and y’all! This thing is GOOD!! We see in Mark 11 that even though Peter has seen Jesus do a bunchRead More…


Still FaithWalkin’

Hey Y’all, Purpose Girl here! I have been busy, busy, busy, but I wanted to check in and see about y’all. About this time of year, I tend to need a secondRead More…


The Truth about Lemons

The Great Disappointment I am supposed to be in Tahiti for the next eight days celebrating my 40th birthday, but I am not. Instead, after 4 flights and two consecutive days either inRead More…


A Scaredy Cat’s Manifesto

I haven’t blogged in forever. That is mainly because I’ve been grinding but also because I refuse to write unimportant content. I refuse to write stuff that doesn’t really matter just toRead More…


Made to Fly

The Recap Recently, God showed me that my current relationships are often affected by past hurts. When last I blogged, I acknowledged that when people in my life touch spots I thought hadRead More…



On May 18, 2018 I decided to go on a forgiveness consecration and fast. I prayed and read devotional thoughts for 30 days. I fasted for ten days, asking God to searchRead More…



“Every fear we have is based in not being enough or not having enough.” -Steven Furtich This one line changed my life! God had already shown me that I have a fearRead More…